Finding Badge Accomplishments

Can anybody tell me if it’s possible to see which badges I’ve completed and what badges are still required without having to select a ride and then going into the menu?

Yes while you are in a ride, click on the screen and you will see an orange menu icon pop up in lower left corner of the screen. click on it and then over to the right hand side you will see a column that has icons for badges, garage and some others. Click on badges and that will have all of your achievement badges plus course badges and missions. Hope this helps. Ride on

Thanks for replying. I was aware of this way of finding the badges. I wondered if there was an easier way of finding them.

“This is the way” -Mando


There are Feature Request for this and other things (the Garage) to be available on the ZCA and

I put the following question on the excited and enthusiastic launch of the new myzwift… no answer

Hi Shuji,

Thanks for this… looks nice…
Can you tell us where we can now see what badges etc. we have ? Otherwise, when choosing to chase a badge (e.g. route)… we have to log on to zwift, go through connections in Zwift… then choose a world. Then go to menu… then look at the badges, then quit zwift completely, then go back into zwift,choose the right route and world and then start again?



You can opt to wear your badges irl.
I just received this one yesterday.

I would like to add it would be helpful for the badges to be available at the main screen rather than having to go into a ride.

To one up it, if you could click on the routes that aren’t complete and launch that ride from the same screen. Another item that would be helpful would be a badge indicator in the route selection screen to show what is complete.

For reference, I’m a relatively new Swifter (2.5 months and Level 12). I’m trying to go through and complete the routes/badges I haven’t done and it’s very cumbersome to go into a ride and try to keep track of which ones are incomplete. Then go back to the main screen and try to find the right routes to do.

If you could access the badges from the main screen and initiate the ride from the badge screen and/or see the completed routes in the selector screen that would be much under friendly!