ZwiftGame Android FAQ (v.1.0.50775)

I am struggling to set up my zwift. Huawei mediapad m5 lite, unbranded ant+ dongle (which works on a laptop), belkin Usb-c to usb. On ant+ tester I get this?
It’s a tacx flow t2240, garmin dual HR and assioma duo pedals (all work with the ant+ on a laptop, which the gf uses now when I’m on zwift).

Thank you so much for the screenshot. I’ve logged a bug for this. No ETA yet, but we are investigating.
In meantime, I suggest you contact our support team, and log a proper support ticket if you haven’t already, so they can track the issue.

This might be an issue specific to Huawei devices, so if others have feedback on Huawei / ANT+, please share.
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I just bought a brand new Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e. Zwift runs smoothly on it.
And I have a Tacx Neo 2T.
And have trouble with ANT+ (Bluetooth works perfectly, but I need ANT+)

S5e comes with Android 9.

  1. with factory apps and setup, not possible to connect with ANT+ to my trainer
  2. ANT+ service update: now ANT+ is fine: I can see power and cadence on Zwift (no FE-C but this is expected)
  3. update to Android 10 + latest ANT+ plugins/services: my Neo is now invisible ! But my ANT+ HR belt is seen properly and is (sometimes) strangely displayed as “Garmin” while it is not a Garmin belt.
    Tested with some ANT+ test app: I can see power value via ANT+. But no Neo in Zwift’s device list…

Any other similar feedback from people with Galaxy Tab Sx running Android 10 and integrated ANT+ ?

Hello Alain,
Welcome to the forums.
Thanks for the report, and asking for feedback on these very popular and awesome Galaxy Tab Sx devices! They are great for Zwift.
Our lab and trainer testing has been impacted during this lockdown, so we appreciate your patience.
We will do our best to investigate next week.
Thank you,

Alain, I am also running Zwift on a Galaxy Tab S5e. I only use BLE for connection. When I pair my devices, I see a list that populates as the tablet detects the items both over ANT and BLE. I always select the BLE option to pair my tablet to my trainer (also a Tacx) and my Garmin cadence sensor & HR strap.

I tried yesterday a workout with Rouvy app via ANT+ (with Bluetooth turned off to be sure) and it works fine.

You can find below details about my devices:
Samsung S5e SM-T720
Android 10
According to “ANT Tester” app:
Built-in ANT detected: Yes
USB On-The-Go support: Yes
ANT USB Service installed: No
Built-in firmware: AVN1.01B07-MCI
ANT HAL service: 4.0.1
ANT Radio Service: 4.16.00
ANT USB Service: N/A
ANT+ Plugins: 3.8.10

Zwift app version:
v57791 - 1.0.157791, french

Tacx Neo 2T
Firmware 1.1.56

I used to use Zwift on my Google Pixel 3 and it ran perfectly. I’ve just reinstalled it as I wanted to start using Zwift again and it runs terribly now, the frame rate is abysmal. Is this phone not powerful enough to run it now?

New test done yesterday with Samsung S7 Edge (phone) running Android 8: same issue with ANT+: HR belt seen properly but Tacx Neo 2T is invisible.

Then: issue not linked to Android version, not linked to device. Common point is Tacx Neo 2T.

Can you please Zwift team try on your side Tacx Neo 2T via ANT+ ?

Are you sure you have installed all you need?
I had not, but was already some month ago - cannot say what was missing…
You can test with ANT Tester App for Android:

Yes ANT+ apps are up-to-date as you can see in my previous message.
By the way are you using Tacx Neo 2T too ?

Sorry, did not read your first posting.

I have Tacx Neo 1st gen, no problems here. Mobile phone HTC U11, Android 9. Using my PC now, but tested Android app shortly.

Is there any progress with FE-C protocol support?
Has it made the roadmap, it was mentioned that it would back in May as per the forum?
I was using my work laptop to run zwift but cannot use it any longer as I don’t have local admin access and tonight’s forced upgrade meant I upgrade or can’t use zwift.
My old personal laptop won’t run it, so no option left at the moment to me as android will not support by old Cycle ops Power pro beam trainer. I am going to have to cancel my subscription and start up on Rouvy app instead but would like to know when I can come back to Zwift.



  • Controllable trainers using FE-C protocol. This is planned for a future release, but we have no firm date yet. Thanks everyone for their upvoting of FEC support. We’ve heard you, and are now working out the development plan.
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I’ve got zwift working flawlessly on my s20+ phone, and also a Huawei mediapad M5 8. Using a tacx Neo over Bluetooth rather than ant.
I’m looking to trying and get zwift installed on a firestick 4k.
It’s a bit of a faff, and when it did install it said my TV wasn’t compatible (4k stick on a 4k TV)

In a very similar boat to @Colin_Coffey_Orwell, laptop is on it’s last legs and zwift runs great on my android (Samsung S20) but no FE-C, any information on when this is planned to be added? Would be great to know so I can plan whether I need to make temporary or permanent changes to my setup

Hello Paul,
I was able to confirm ANT+ works on a Huawei Media Pad M3.

(We don’t have the Media Pad T5 in our compatibility lab.)

However I wanted to share the screenshots from M3 test:

I did need to accept the prompt below, but I imagine you did that.

I will try and push through the order of the T5, but I can’t guarantee a timeline. We support over 4000 devices so it’s tough to troubleshoot specific device issues.
Sorry I don’t have a better answer, but wanted to share what we’d found.

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Same as Matt and Collins, what about support of FE-C on ANT+? Any chance to have on short notice. I’m try zwift on borrowed laptop, but I have all my setup around a tablet S4 and runs great with Rouvy.

It’s in the new version, see here.

Thanks ! My Neo 2T works perfectly with new version 1.0.60239 with ANT+. Tested during 1 hour in ERG mode and 1h15 in simulation mode. Not a single dropout and FE-C works fine.
And my iFit HR belt is now displayed as “iFit XXX” and no more as “Garmin xxx”.

(seems like new release is not only about adding FE-C but also got serious bug fixing :slight_smile: )

Fantastic, thanks Dave! Hope to try out on my Shield this weekend - only wish I had seen your note sooner!