Zwiftappsilicon not responding: Freeze on startup and in game

Hi there!

After the latest update of my Zwift App on Mac M1 (v1.51.0) the app runs buggy.

First problem occurs while logging in. The app freezes when “login successful. ride on” appears. My Acitivty Monitor on my Mac clains under process name: zwiftappsilicon (not esponding). Then it takes up to five minutes until the app really starts with the pairing procedures.

Second problem is in the game. Anytime I receive a like, or get any kind of feature like powerups, the app freezes for a moment. This is terrible or races because I also fall back after the freeze.

Since these bugs appear from the first time I started after the last grand update, which also included the new coastal routes, I am sure it must have to do with that. I haven’t had these issues before.


I don’t know if this is related to the problem, but if you have the Video Screenshots setting turned on, try turning it off. That said, my MacBook Pro with M1 Pro CPU is fine with it turned on. CPU requirements in Watopia did go up in 1.51 but I would not expect you to have a problem if your equipment is like mine.

If you have some kind of antivirus software installed I would also try testing with it off. (I’m using Microsoft Defender with no problems.)

My Video Sreenshots are always turned off. Also after the 1.52.0 patch, the problems still remain. Is it my computer or is it on the Zwift side?

I solved it, everybody!

The problem was caused by my freshly installed Adobe Creative Suit. I had to shut down all Adobe background processes to let run Zwift smoothly again.

Funny, because I installed Adobe at the same day when Zwift got its last mahor update. So nothing was wrong with the Zwift update at all.

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