ZwiftApp.exe has stopped working

Hi guys, have tried updating/backdating drivers and reinstalling with no luck, any ideas?

lodged a ticket yesterday no 17375




Hi guys, any update on this ticket? Thanks

Hi Guys, any luck with this ticket yet? thanks

Hi guys, still waiting on this ticket, bought a smart trainer and ant dongle to use zwift, bit dissappointed the ticket hasnt been solved after 3 weeks.

any chance you can escalate it?



I have the same issue. hey Zwift, this isnt the first time. Anything??


Never got resolved for me was told to keep trying when they updated the zwift software

Same for me, works with another computer, but stopped working on the computer i have planned to use. Hello zwift: any help out there?


ZwiftApp.exe has stopped working

Windows 8 OS

Any ideas?