Saw from Gerrie_Delport_TeamZ on another thread about Zwiftalizer and FPS. Wish I did not see that since I never thought I had a ‘problem’. Again all seemed smooth to me but FPS is not the 30FPS cited as acceptable?

Did I miss a setting somewhere?

I am so sorry. :flushed:

The 30FPS game from the gaming side of things. you may have some frame drops but if you you don’t notice them then there is no need to worry.

My only concern will be big group rides, with many riders there are a lot of movement on the screen and the GPU may struggle to keep up.

Zwift is doing a lot of good work to make it as smooth as possible with the least amount of hardware.

… is all that matters.

I think I am the one with the problem.

I made a report a while ago that showed the averages of everything Zwiftalizer had collected. The average FPS at each profile was basic - 25, high - 45, ultra 60.

Open Zwift up to PlayStation or Xbox!

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Thanks @Mike_Hanney for confirming my very basic test of average ftp.

We miss the benchmarks. I know why they are not there , but I do miss them.

Wouldn’t PlayStation or Xbox have to open up to cycling sensors?

Would an ANT+ or Bluetooth dongle not work?

The console’s OS would have to support the USB dongle. The Xbox OS, for instance, if I understand correctly (I’m not at all expert) only supports a limited list of Bluetooth devices, not nearly all those that Windows for PC supports.

I don’t expect that either console maker has had any reason to have put ANT+ support in their OS.

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Well I guess the idea is better in theory than practice then. It’s a shame. At this point I’m looking at an Intel NUC over an Apple TV.

You can using an older Nintendo Switch: but I would not recommend it and I don’t think Shane would either.

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@Computer33, what PC do you have? I know that my laptop has an Intel graphics GPU built into the CPU, which is what you seem to have. But I also have a dedicated GPU that I need to configure in the NVidia app to force Zwift to use. Do you know if you have a second GPU?

It’s my work issued Lenovo T450s. As far as I know I can’t add another GPU can I?

That’s a question for your IT staff at your work since that is a company issued device.

Looking at the specs it does not look like you can add a GPU. :flushed:

Thanks. I think I will do what Zwift suggests and not use a work laptop for this. Ok, new project to look for pc parts for a new build! Zwift deserves it since I have been on the platform since November 2018 and I don’t seem to get tired of it :smile: )

Mobile companion app sensor pairing over BTLE might work, but more of a work around than a solution to not having built-in BTLE or USB dongle support in consoles.

Negative. The Lenovo T450s does not have a USB-C port, so you can’t add an external eGPU, nor can you put a GPU inside. You’d be better off building a parts PC for less than what an eGPU would cost anyway.

@Gerrie_Delport is back online. Data is frozen at May 27 2019 because data collection is no longer active.

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thanks a lot.

So in short we won’t see new benchmarks but we can see all the ones before May 27.

this will be a big help when pointing people to options to upgrade their GPU’s

One more thing, I recall that we could see network activity as well? Or is this just me dreaming. :flushed:

Thanks for all the effort to keep this going.

That is correct. We will not see any new benchmark entries.

You are not dreaming, Network chart is off until I have time to make it work with the changes in the log format from a couple of update ago. Side note - networking has been worked on, (not a secret, it’s in the release notes from a couple of updates ago) which makes me very curious as to why :wink:

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