Frame rate

Hi all


So i just got a brand new Alienware i7 Aurora with a GTX 1070, first ride and WOW, love it…BUT …a disappointing 30FPS ? I ran it in Ultra 4K


Any ideas?

What’s your monitor’s refresh rate? For example my monitor’s refresh rate is 60. I therefore can only get 60fps from my nVidia GTX 1050Ti even though it’s capable of much higher. That may not be the problem however.

Hi Nigel you may be onto something as my maximum frame rate minimum frame rate and average frame rate were all 30 so it sounds like the TV is the limiting factor

Update - a bit of research showed that I need to turn DVR off. I am on windows 10. DVR is found in the Xbox app. Immediately rose to 60fps.

Hi Kevin. Thanks for this. Although I run Zwift on a Windows 7 machine I sometimes run it on a Windows 10 machine. I’ll be changing this on my computer and the wife’s as she plays games as well.

Hoping someone can help me understand this: installed and ran Zwift a while back on my top spec late 2016 MacBook Pro and even on ultra 1440p it was smooth at around 30-40+ FPS I havent done a ride in a while but did today after updating and now it’s even laggy on low settings? Has anyone else had this issue. It runs perfectly on my phone at 1080p that has far less computing power (IP7 plus) although the phone app probably completely different to desktop? I tried disabling Graphics Swithing to make sure it wasn’t using the graphics built into the cpu but no difference.