Resolution and Frame Rate

I noticed on today’s ride, the resolution looked very bad… almost like it was very low resolution.
I’ve been running in Ultra 2160 mode for well over a year.
My setup is: Windows 10, GTX 1070Ti, and a wired connection nearly 200Mbps.

I examined today’s (2/3/2020) log.txt file, and compared it to an older one (1/29/2020):
Both are running Ultra 2160 mode, but the old one is 60fps (frames per second), as it’s always been 60fps… but today’s (2/3/2020) shows 107fps average, and at times, 120 fps.

(edit: “compare” means using

Did Zwift update something? A bug perhaps?

I checked my (UHD Samsung TV) and it’s running UHD (gaming) mode (as it always has).
And my computer is running the graphics in UHD mode.

I also went to YouTube and ran a UHD 4k video, and those all look fantastic - indeed my computer and system are running UHD 4K.

And I checked the latest windows Updates: there are no graphics driver or non-security updates that occurred between 1/29 and 2/3. Nor did Zwift do an update.

Anyone else running into this problem? Something fishy about the 120fps… Zwift should only run to a max of 60…


I Fixed It:
But still, a strange glitch - hopefully this post may be helpful if you run into problems:

I opened a file called ComputerSpecs.txt, in the same folder as the log.txt files…
and it showed the game was running in 1024x768…

I started Zwift and changed the settings from UHD 4k down to Ultra 1440…
saved, and restarted the computer.
Ran Zwift: and it looked better… and the specs.txt showed 1440.

Did the whole thing again, but set Zwift (in the program) back to UHD 4k mode… saved, etc. restarted windows PC… ran Zwift again - looked perfect.

And the ComputerSpecs.txt showed 3840 x 2160 (32 bit) (60Hz)

Don’t know how it got messed up - but next time this happens, I’ll first look at ComputerSpecs.txt.