Zwift workouts: 10-12wk FTP Builder | What's on Zwift?

Dear Zwift HQ

Regarding this plan :

I can only select the workouts separately , but not as a scheduled training plan.
The 12WK FTP builder is not in the list of plans, only the 6WK FTP Builder does.

Is there any way to add this as a plan? If not please explain why.
The plans are normally added by the Zwift HQ.

Note: I was redirected to this forum by a “Zwift Ambassador” from the support mail.

Kind regards

It appears that this plan is no longer offered, however, I can suggest the Build Me Up plan as a very good training plan and you can select 10 to 12 weeks for this one.

Hi @Mike_Vanhoegaerden

Welcome to the forum.

Very dumb question , why not just do them as separate workouts?

come on Gerrie, the only dumb questions are the ones you don’t ask.

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A plan seems more motivating…easier to follow strictly with the necessary rest.

I have compared the ftp12wk with the build me up :

FTP 12wk: 260SP/wk 5h29m/wk

Build me up: 396SP/wk 4h34/wk

The build me up seems a good workout if you have already a basic condition I think, as the workouts are more in de Green and yellow zone…

I’m just recovered from a accident so…

I would be really happy if the 12Wk ftp could be added again as a plan, not separately.
This is not a rocket science to add I think as the workouts excist separately? Just kinda strange to not have this as a plan, or being removed as plan…

All of the structured training plans are best suited to people who can already ride comfortably at a moderate pace for at least a couple hours without feeling destroyed. Good luck with your recovery.