Build Me Up training plan missing workouts

I just completed the Build Me Up training plan (10-12 weeks). I completed the 44 available workouts, however looking at the plan in What’s On Zwift, there appear to be 53 workouts, 2 weeks I am missing, even though Zwift says I have completed the plan. Anyone know how I can access these workouts or find the .zwo files to download and import into Zwift to use? Thanks!

Hi Mara!

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This is a feature of the Flexible Training Plans. On the enroll screen, there is a slider that adjusts the number of weeks the training plan covers. For the Build Me Up Plan, it can be 10 weeks with 43 workouts, 11 weeks with 46 or 12 weeks with 50. (pulling these numbers straight off of the Zwift App), so it sounds like you did the 10 week version rather then the 12 week. I hope this helps explain things for ya a little better!

Ride On!

Thank you Seth, that sounds familiar and must have been what I did. Little did I know I would really like the training plan! Thank you again!

You could always do it again from the start! :wink: