Workouts are missing in training plan

Hi, I am on Week 6 of Build Me Up. It has 5 workouts as you can see from Companion.

But in Zwift only 4 workouts are visible: HWBTWTDWH, 15.9, Attack! and Uphill Battle, see screenshots.

Where is C.A. (5th workout)?

Also they used to be in order of lowest to highest time, now they have reversed.

I have done the same plan 3 months ago. It has changed since then.

Update: I have now done Uphill Battle, and C.A. has now become available.

All workouts should have been available initially and they should be ordered from lowest to highest time.

Hi @J_M23

Just for clarification, you’re saying that Zwift eventually sorted this out by itself and now you have access to the desired workouts, correct? Or am I misunderstanding you?


Hi Steven. The issue has not been resolved. It did not display all workouts.

hi @J_M23

Thanks for clarifying.

Within the last month or two, there have been some significant changes to how the Training Plans function and it’s still a work in progress; I believe more changes are expected to come in future Zwift updates.

That being said, if you’re enrolling in a training plan but don’t have access to the desired workouts, we recommend that you locate the training plan (e.g., Build Me Up) in the standard Training (Workout) menu, and you should be able to find all the workouts there in the prescribed order.