Zwift workout folder on Android?

Where is the workout folder located on android ? It seems impossible to find. And I want to import some workouts into the android version of zwift.

I don’t think that creating or importing custom workouts is an option on Android. You would need to first import the workout into Zwift using either a PC, Mac or iOS device (excluding Apple TV). Once imported the workout gets saved to the Zwift servers and is then available for selection on an Android device.

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Aaron is correct. There is no accessible workouts folder on Android, so you will need to import from other devices.

Hello guys!
Any improvements in this topic for those with only Android at home?

My laptop does not support Zwift.

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At this time the only way to upload a custom work out is either through Training Peaks, which sounds like your best option, or by manually uploading it to Zwift’s workout folder on a PC or Mac, at which time it will sync to your account and be on any device you use. This option might be difficult if you don’t have a Zwift capable computer at home, with the current advice to stay home.

I hope one of these two options helps though!

Thank you very much for your help!
I totally agree, TP is my best option. The problem is that my colleagues do not have TP and I would like to share my workouts created in TP with them.This is why I`ve exported from TP as zwo file.

Next thing to do is export to FIT in TP and tell my colleagues to create a TP account (hopefully they will be able to import FIT file in TP)


The easiest way for Zwift to unify the way custom workouts are added is to add an upload option to the web interface.
As browsers are available regardless of OS it will allow second grade users, like Android ones, to have the benefit of custom workouts.


What if i not create workout on PC - just have add . ZWO to documents folder? Did it sync to android?

Yup, if you add a workout file to the workout folder on PC, I believe you need to log in on the PC version once to give it a chance up upload, but you workout folder will sync to your account, and those custom workouts will be available on other devices.I have about 8 customer workouts on my android by adding them to the workout folder on my PC.

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Did the workout appear right away? I downloaded the workout on my windows PC but when I use my Android as the Zwift app no custom workout appears.

You must start Zwift on the PC once to see the workouts in Android app.

So in short, custom workout should be uploaded using other platforms except android. Then, load the zwift on android phone and the custom work out should be there?

I work with an android tablet (samsung), but I my pc doesn’t support Zwift.
Is there any possibility to upload my own training?

Hello, any update?
I have 2 PCs, but the first without right admin and the second without a graphic interface not compatible…

So I have only my android phone :frowning:
Kind regards

I have the same issue, only Android tablet with zwift and locked work pc where I cannot install anything. ZWO files generated by others (Tredict) I therefor cannot upload. Maybe an upload option within the zwift webpage is feasible?

Apologies for jumping on the topic.
Did you manqge to sort this Android issue.