Workout 2 x 20 sweetspot


I’m looking for a 2 x 20min ss workout (steady effort not stepping up and down). I cant find one on zwift. Has anyone found one?

I’m on android so cant create a workout. There is 2 x 20 ftp which I can drop 10% but not ideal. There is a 3 x 20 in winter 12 week programme but again not ideal.

go to Zwift workouts and training plans | What's on Zwift? and use the keyword search for 2 x 20, you should see a few options.

I would suggest making the workout on a PC, Mac or iOS then it should upload to the servers and be available on your device.

From : Zwift workout folder on Android?
You would need to first import the workout into Zwift using either a PC, Mac or iOS device (excluding Apple TV). Once imported the workout gets saved to the Zwift servers and is then available for selection on an Android device.

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I’ve tried the search. I only found the few I mention.

I dont have access to the custom workout tab in zwift so importing a file will not help.

I just checked on my Android app an all my custom workouts from my Zwift pc is available.

Cheers gerrie

I’ve noticed that custom workouts can be created on Android on a tablet (Samsung Galaxy tab S4). Is this new?