Custom workout creation

I don’t have a PC or Laptop good enough to run zwift. So i use my pixel 3 and screen mirror.

All works fine.

However I would like to be able to make custom workouts.

Is there a way to achieve this on Android?

Surely on the zwift website (not the app) this could easily be achieved and migrated over?


Download a workout files and rename it with the extension txt. Open the file and edit it to your liking.

Hi, thanks for responding.

is that possible on a pixel 3?

Or do you mean on a laptop?

As I said I don’t have zwift on my laptop as it’s too old to run it.


Any text editor will work. Not sure where you put the file when done. On the PC there’s a folder for them.

To my best knowledge there is no way to add a custom workout on Android phone.

I have found though that you can trick the in-game workout creator to show up on Android by using the app full screen in Desktop Mode.

On Samsung phones that feature is called DeX and it is very easy to use. Other OEMs have their own versions too. It is supposed to be a core feature of Android Q, but for the Pixel 3 I don’t know what is the current state of support.

This is the workout editor on a Samsung Galaxy S9 connected to a Dell USB-C monitor.

Else there are community made online zwift workout editors.
And I am currently working on a community driven online .zwo workout runner.

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If Zwift don’t place workouts in a public sdcard directory, then the only way you would be able to copy the workout to a private application directory (/data/{application-name}) would be if the device was rooted.

Thanks for all the info. Shame there isn’t a work around.

Maybe zwift can look into creation/editing of workouts for its Android users either via zwift - not using sliders, drag and drop etc due to size of screen issues etc or web based, which then might give a reason to login to zwift.

Seems I’m paying the same price but without access to all features.


Sorry Ray, as I’ve said I don’t have a PC/Laptop to run zwift on. So your suggestion isn’t possible for me.

Thanks anyway.