Workout erstellen

Ich habe mir viele Videos und Infos angeschaut aber ich kann kein individuelles Workout erstellen. Wenn ich auf Workout gehe habe ich diese Funktion nicht.

Woran kann das liegen.

Hi @Gunther_Stattmann, welcome to the forums.

I also don’t see the workout editor/builder anymore (checking on my android phone).

@JamesBailey was this removed?

Standard workout builder in the training menu?

Still there for me, running Windows 10 x64, latest version of Zwift.

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Yup, still there on my windows PC too, maybe it was never available on Android?

Correct I am using Android app. And it was never there. I will try to use PC for creating the personal workout. But of course it would be much nice to use the app and enable the function in android as well.