Zwift won't open after download

No problem! Not sure if it’s normal or not, but it varies depending on what you’re installing. Give it some time (if you haven’t already) and come back to it to see if it’s done.

Hi again Vince,
After about 15minutes of it looking like something was being transferred or downloaded, the driver installation wizard stated that “errors were encountered while installing the software…”

I’ve tried doing this several times with the same result.

It also had 2 identical lines of " FTDI CDM Driver package…Install failed"
If you have any ideas, I’d love to try them.
Otherwise I’ll throw it out into the forum again and give you some peace!


I’m having the exact same problem… What’s going on Zwift??

Windows 10 with intel UHD 620 on my laptop.

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Hey @PPrego @Paul_Kennedy I know its been a long while, but are you still unable to open Zwift at all?

Hi Vincent,

It’s going well, thanks!


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Awesome, great to hear! Let me know if you have any other questions or you can start up a support conversation here:

Hi. I’ve been using on iPad. I found a bug on my windows. Basically if I update all the drivers I stop being able to watch any type of video and apparently the launching of zwift is considered video by the laptop. If I install an older driver then I can use it on my laptop but when windows checks for updates it overrides that older driver and I’m back to square one.

But on iPad is working fine.

Hey @PPrego I’d contact Microsoft about your driver’s issues and see if there is something wrong with your drivers latest update.

I’m actually having a somewhat similar issue, same setup as Pedro: windows 10 with Intel UHD 620 on my laptop. I last used Zwift on my pc back in March without any issues and now it won’t launch at all. Drivers are up to date as of this evening, no outstanding updates, have gone through uninstall/reinstall scenarios with no luck. Any other suggestions?

Similat issue here on windows 7… i havent use my zwift for a week and when i opened it few days ago, it only shows a “white screen” with an “x” button for exit only… been updating, reinstalling and event formatted my laptop but to no avail… so i just ended my subscription and will try new flatform this coming days

Same trouble, Constantine.

Check his post out, seems it’s an IE issue: Zwift launcher stopped working since update (app is not launched - white blank window)