Zwift wont launch

Hi, as title say, I cant open Zwift at all.

Things I did:
1.Re install
2.Run as admisnistrator.
3.Checked my Log:
[0:54:51 2023-11-25] Launcher: Auto Startup is Enabled.
[0:54:51 2023-11-25] Launcher: Launcher Version Number 1.1.10
[0:54:51 2023-11-25] Launcher: Initializing UI Components
[0:54:51 2023-11-25] Launcher: Initializing Tray Components
[0:54:51 2023-11-25] Launcher: Initializing Patcher

4.Cleared my Internet cache.
5.Search on google

Any help is appreciated.

Im on windows
Pc specs: GPU AMD radeon 6700x
I7 8700K


I’m afraid I can’t help you with your specific problem as I am only a fellow user myself. However, as this is your first post I would just like to warn you to expect a long delay getting an answer through this forum or zwift support. When you do get an answer, I wouldn’t hold too much hope that it will fix your issue. Not trying to be a “downer” but just preparing you for a long wait. Happy to be proved wrong in this thread though!

What other software do you have running in the background? Could there be something eating up a bunch of memory? I know I sometimes have to remember to kill Creative Cloud and similar things before running Zwift.