Zwift with any cycle

Following my purchase of a recumbent cycle a friend said i should look at zwift.
The online racing seemed very realistic, but I soon found Zwift did not support my bike.
However same friend told me a wahoo speed sensor worked with any bike and an ipad.
Sure enough with the wahoo taped onto the crank we were able to cycle round London, even though slowly.
When we geared the wahoo up 4:1 with a pair of small homebuilt pulleys we were able to keep up with the best of them
Not perfect , we have to manually change the resistance, but good enough for our needs, thanks Zwift.

Welcome @Colin_Milner

Interesting what one can do with a bit of creativity. Glad you got that bike to work with Zwift.

Post some pics if you have some.

Happy zwifting.

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