Zwift - Watopia 12/09/2016 Specialized 50km Contest - Watopia Edition

(Grant Los C) #1

Howdy, Not sure this is the correct place for this question…

I thought I had entered the above-named contest, then rode the 50 km in Watopia. I have not received confirmation that my entry has been officially confirmed. How do I find out?

(Ray Ruyack) #2

You would have seen an on-screen confirmation upon completing the 50k.  The bike you are given for the challenge can be distinguished by it’s lack of caliper brakes since it has disc brakes.

(Paul Allen) #3

Once you cross the 50km on a ride there will be a popup on the bottom of the screen telling you that you are enter into the contest. You will not receive an email or any other confirmation.

(Grant Los C) #4

Hey! Thanks for your quick responses!! 

Unfortunately, I saw neither the banner nor the disc brakes so I must have done something wrong. NO PROB! I’ll try it again!

(Gerrie Delport) #5

I saw somewhere that you may have go over 50km until you see that banner.

I like you positive attitude. “no Prob i will do it again”

(Paul Weekley) #6

I used the iOS app on the iPad for the first time. Worked pretty well. I joined and agreed to the specialized challenge, but completion never prompted on the Richmond course. I rode 32 miles as I did on the other worlds, but nada on the Richmond course.

Could this be a problem related to the iOS app?  Everything else seemed to work great! Love to get credit if I could, but thought I would put it out there in case the app had a bug that needs looked at. I already completed Watopia and London for entries into the contest. 

Above all, thank you for such a fantastic workout tool.