Zwift video drops during ride but not the audio

Over the past 2 weeks, during a ride the Zwift video suddenly drops such that the laptop desktop is visible I can hear the Zwift audio still running and the app is still running (The Zwift app hasn’t closed). If I click on the Zwift app icon on my laptop, the Zwift video comes back up on the laptop screen, and I can continue the ride.

This may happen seconds into a ride, or it may take several minutes. But it is now happening every ride, sometimes two or three times.

I’m running the Zwift app on a laptop that is using Windows 10, which is up to date. Please advise if there is a fix, because it is becoming too troublesome to use the app and complete a ride without stopping and clicking the app icon to get started again.


I am also having this issue on a Windows 10 desktop PC. It usually happens a little while into the ride, and as the original poster states, the App still runs fine and adjusts the smart trainer resistance as the course suggests you just have no screen view. If you get off your trainer and click the App in the toolbar it opens back up and carries on. Quite annoying

Hi @John_NicholsonITA and @Michael_Johnson1

This usually happen if another program on your Laptop or PC take priority, something like virus protector. You can run in windowed mode to avoid the issue. Open task manager to find the program that runs in the background.

Hi, dual screens so yes other stuff going on while i ride like youtube vids or movies. What is windowed mode?

I also use multiple screens and found setting Zwift to windowed mode and then use a program (borderless gaming) to simulate full screen. I found this very helpful because I also do video streaming.


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Will give that a go later today Gerrie. Thanks for the tip!

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