Zwift, Training Peaks and Heart Rate based training

Apologies if this has been asked before but is it possible to use a Training Peaks programme in Zwift but have it working off HR instead of power?

Or do I simply run my Wattbike Hub app alongside a Zwift ride and just focus on the Hub HR figures and just watch Zwift?

Thanks for any constructive advice


TrainingPeaks workouts must be based on %FTP to sync with Zwift. Zwift does not support HR based workouts.

You can use other training apps alongside Zwift if you avoid pairing the trainer for Resistance on the Zwift pairing screen. Only one app can control the trainer’s resistance.

Thanks Paul,
So it’s Hub for the stats, a Zwift “free-ride” using gears and Netflix to mask the pain!!!

If the Hub app can control the trainer’s resistance that should still be possible if you don’t pair for Resistance on the Zwift pairing screen. I haven’t used the Hub app. If you do pair for resistance in Zwift you can also set Trainer Difficulty to zero so there is no effect of terrain on resistance when doing a free ride

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