Heart Rate Zone - Training


Just starting my training journey with the Zwift family!

I was searching for “heart rate training” and found numerous posts and threads from the past.

Can anyone tell me if there are workouts to target specific HR Zones?

I’ve ridden several workouts for power zones.

Zwift workouts don’t support heart rate training, only power (cycling) or pace (running)


Thank you for your support. Hopefully they can add that feature at a later time.

In the meantime you can use the Workout Bias mode to increase or decrease power to aim for a particular HR zone.

Interesting point. How do i find the workout bias? I have looked around in the settings, with no luck

further down the page: Manually Adjusting Your FTP

either via companion app, or directly on device / shortcut key, can bias on the fly

Perfect thanks! Ride on

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