Zwift Hub - HRM based training possible?

Hello everyone,
I got my new Zwift HUB today ans just assembled it.
Is it possible to do HRM based training with this (in combination with Garmin HRM PRO)? The Zwift Hub should regulate the intensity so that I stay in a previously defined heart rate range?
Thank you, best regards from Tyrol

Hi @Andreas_Schnederle-W

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Smart trainers work on Power numbers.

Hi @Gerrie_Delport_ODZ,
thx - but is there some kind of (Android?!?) App which can adjust those Smart Trainer Power Numbers acording to some defined heart ranges?

Nothing that I know about.

Take a look at the Tacx Training App. I used it many years ago to set a heart rate target for training. It looks like it still includes that feature. No idea if they’ve stuck it behind a paywall though. That seems to be the way things often go.

Personally i wasn’t a fan, because heart rate lag makes it really difficult to exercise tight control, so it was kind of vague, with a +/- 5 BPM drift. I’d rather just set a power target in erg mode and tweak it myself if heart rate starts drifting.

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Once you’ve been regularly turbo training for a few weeks and you aren’t unwell or recovering from I’ll health, you should find your heart rate zones will reasonably match power zones.

For example, ordinarily, I’d expect ~150bpm to be around my z2/3 power border.

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