Heart Rate Zone Training

Hi, i do a lot of heart rate zone training for my Iron Man races, would be good to have this option for manual creation on Swift… Is this possible?

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Isn’t it better to train on wattage? Far more reliable…?

I second the request for heart rate zone workouts. My son’s coach uses heart rates rather than wattage for juniors training. Support for heart rate zone workouts would be very useful.

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Will it be possible to build or have workouts on heart rate instead of watts? We don’t have all intelligent or interactives trainers and we all know that watts in those cases do not mean anything. It’s related to the speed of the rear wheel, not the power put on the pedals.

So, will it be available soon?


I would like HR training options.  It keeps me from overtraining and allows me to get on Zwift more days with more consistency. 


Likewise, Its another option that would be useful to keep an eye on the effort your putting into workouts. Its just nice to see your current zone simply, like on the Garmins.

+1. Without a power meter, training on HR is the only other option. Zwift would be a lot more compelling if I could create workouts based around HR zones.

Heart rate zones are a must not only for setting up workouts but also for tracking during cycling.

Hi, I’d really second the need for heart rate training zones. It’s how I do all my other training now and I’m beginning to see that I have been over training on the bike and neglecting endurance training. Do we have a date when this will be available? Many thanks.

I have found HR training with my running to be very beneficial in increasing my pace. I do most of my cycling training using power based workouts, but would like to see HR training to do more endurance and cardio training

+1, not been well lately and FTP based training is not much use, HR limits are much more useful right now.


Zwift - any plans?

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