Training Peaks workout uploading to Zwift with lower watts

Hi there, just setup my Wahoo KickrSnap and having some teething issues. I am able to select the workout loaded onto Training Peaks by my coach in the Zwift app and ride in ERG mode. However, the Watts are considerably lower in Zwift (intervals lengths are correct) than the Target Watts set on Training Peaks.

I’m having a similar issue–I can select a Training Peaks workout and sometimes it adds 1mph to my run intervals. It’s not every TP workout, it’s only on the run (not the bike), and it’s survived a few updates and uninstall-reinstall. Any ideas? Clearly no back in 2020, anyone having this issue now in 2022?

I have a curved manual treadmill, so it doesn’t strictly matter–I’m controlling my speed and I simply memorize my TP workout and do those speeds instead of what Zwift gives me–but it is irritating.