Zwift To Release Important Performance Bug Patch

Per ZwiftInsider today:

While a smattering of complaints from low-powered “potato” users has become a daily expectation in Zwift forums, complaints of system crashes, riderless bikes, framerate drops, and slow ride clocks began to surface in much higher numbers last week. This major uptick coincided with the start of Tour de Zwift 2021 and its unprecedentedly huge events.

Riderless bikes from a recent Tour de Zwift event (taken on a high-end gaming PC)

And some of these reports were different from the usual “my potato has a low framerate in a 2,000-person event” complaints. Zwifters on high-powered PC’s were describing problems typically only seen on low-powered hardware. And some of the issues were different than typical large-event issues: many users complained that, after riding for 20 minutes, their elapsed time clock in Zwift only showed 5-10 minutes!

Something else was wrong… but nobody knew what. And we all hoped Zwift could figure it out, because it’s no fun celebrating Peak Zwift if it means more people are having Zwift problems.

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What the heck is a potato user ?

Potatoes are low-spec computers.


One would have imagined we see @Eric and @Jon_mayfield more here… Alas, they seem to prefer FB :frowning:

btw, see this:

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Good shout.

We are rolling out a patch to the game client this week which will address most of the issues you’re experiencing with large events. There is additional optimisation coming in the subsequent release in Jan, which should finally resolve this. We feel your pain and are working quickly to put this one to bed. Thanks for being patient. Stay tuned.


There were 84 cyclists in the ride in which I had an issue of crashing at the summit. Don’t think the # of cyclists was the issue. ?