Zwift syncing with Strava

Hi there i’ve just got myself a flux smart turbo & download Zwift i’m still on the 7days free trial
I’m having a problem with Zwift uploading to Strava i done a FTP test yesterday ending my ride the tab for zwift 2 Strava was there clicked on the tab & the Zwift screen disappered back to my decktop screen. So i thought great its worked but when i checked Strava my ride was not showing so Ooopps must be me i’ve done something wrong so tried another ride end my ride etc etc but the same again. Does this not work while your on the 7days fre trial??? Please can you HELP
PS love Zwift so far just this small issue
Thanks Gary

Good morning @GARY_JOHNSTONE

Did you link your strava profile to Zwift.

If you go to your profile you should see a option to connect to strava.

Morning thanks for your reply but yep its connected ??72173737_559480631482726_4526343102700453888_n

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