Zwift stuck at Just Watch screen

 Zwift AppleTV app is stuck on the screen after you select the Just Watch button. Also the app did not sync todays ride with Strava.

I’d try quitting the Zwift app and then restarting it.

Here’s how to use the Apple TV remote to “force quit” an app:

  • Press the Home button twice quickly. Small windows representing each of the open apps appear in a row on the screen.
  • Swipe left or right to navigate to and highlight the Zwift app.
  • Swipe up to force the highlighted app to quit.

UPDATE:  They’re on it and I have confidence that the resolution to my issue is coming soon. 



I’m having the same problem with Zwift running on my iPhone X.  After several hours of fooling with it (trying this and trying that, deleting the app and reinstalling, booting the iPhone, etc), I gave up.  I tried it on my wife’s iPhone 7 and it works great.  But not on my iPhone X.  

Tech support responded quickly when I first asked for help, but hasn’t responded since despite my several emails to them.  

My conclusion is that Zwift is not compatible with iPHone X.