Zwift strava segments - KOM:s ??

(Martin Bjorgvik Sz) #1


Have looked at a few segments on strava from Zwift and there is no chance in hell that they could be correct. Is there some way to report in this to strava so they can delete this man from the segments


Here is two examples





(T acoma Cyclist (LVE)) #2

Ha!  You question that a guy can go 130MPH without igniting the parts in his trainer?  Or that someone is capable of sustaining 1000+ watts for the better part of 2 hours?  

You can report those to Strava if you wish - just flag the ride.  Though, if you flag all of those offenders, Strava might start sending you hate mail as they tend to individually review each flagged ride.

Otherwise, I’d say don’t let it bother you.  Zwift is cool as a way to keep from being bored while on a trainer.  But it’s still a video game and there will always be those butt-holes that insist on cheating even though, in this case, it literally does more harm than good.