Zwift Steering Bug - Affects racing in parts

Have Steering connected and is working normally. Warmed up, steering was fine;
Started event, and Loaded up LONDON (classique flat loop)
Steering is deactivated - as normal * I have done a few events without issues, this is just London Classique Flat course - as far as I’ve found.

Started event, avatar moves with bunch as normal - right up to the finish straight, where the bunch normally stays left, my avatar swung far right and stayed there - (out of the draft).
It stayed right on the outside all the way along the Mall, constitution hill, until you get back to birdcage walk, it places you back in the packs line. Then when you make the left for the small hill, it places you back on the right away from the pack until you reach the top top and swing right, where it puts you back in the bunch again.
When you reach the Mall again, you are back to the right - Every Lap! You dont have draft, you take the long way, and watch packs go sailing by.
Once the event finished, the steering re-activated, and i could steer as normal.
shown here during event…