Rider stuck in middle of road in no-steering races, often out of drafting line


  • Zwift (for Windows) is started while the Play Controllers are switched on.
  • Play controllers are paired.
  • Enter a race where steering/braking is disabled.


  • Rider/Avatar stays stuck in the central lane position and does not move into drafting regions.

Other info:

  • Switching off the controllers after the race has started does not help.
  • Disconnecting the controllers after starting Zwift but before entering the race does not help.

Video showing the issue:
youtube → watch?v=UZea-PFdlOQ&si=04ii-hw9aj3Gz7pe&t=21

I noticed this behaviour about a month ago. I no longer go into the steering disabled race with steering paired as trying to hold 2nd wheel is very ineffecient. I found this during both ZRL round two and FRR Tour Britannia.

Had similar issue with P.Zrim on this Video from last nights TTT in ZRL…always left or right out of draft and sometimes cutting corners like steering is still working but it doesn’t respond to controller input.

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Yep; still very much a bug; users with steering connected; whether disabled or not, do not take the same line as those who do not have steering.

Again, doesn’t matter if it’s disabled or not.

It becomes extremely apparent in TTTs that this bug was not actually fixed in a recent patch that stated otherwise.

I feel vindicated. Had the same thing happen in last nights WTRL TTT.

Unfortunately this behaviour has even impacted riders I know in Zwift Grand Prix TTT’s

Sorry for the bad experience.
This was confirmed as bug recently, it was one difficult to track down. It should be fixed for the release 1.56.
(the current workaround is to not pair a steering device before entering a non-steering event)


How did you add the video? When I put in a link I received an error saying that external links were not allowed.

I found that I had to make sure the steering device was not paired when starting Zwift. If the controllers are paired during Zwift startup, then disconnected before entering the race, the bug still occurs.

Yes, you need to unpair before entering a world.

You need to get the Trust Level…check here: Zwift Forums

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Issue continues to exist despite the updated game/latest patch.

I was once again racing in ZRL tonight which had steering disabled, but my controllers were still paired. My avatar was all over the place, often hanging way outside the draft on his own.

I need to learn my lesson and know to never pair the controllers before non-steering events.

I agree with this comment from my ZRL race too.
*Unless I’m so used to steering now that I’m so used to sitting in the perfect position…

Assuming this is still an issue, is there anyway to maintain virtual shifting on a Zwift Hub Classic without a Click? I rely on the play controllers for virtual shifting on my ZHC (my trainer bike’s drivetrain is garbage). Doing my first TTT tomorrow via the WTRL series and am realizing I might be SOL for virtual shifting. Real bummer of a bug.