Zwift Steering/Boost Mode Keyboard Shortcuts

Is it possible to implement 4 keyboard shortcuts to the existing shortcuts? for example:
Steer Left: <
Steer Right >
Charge Boost [
Boost Activate ]

The steering would be either through an existing button interface(I have designed for a different purpose)
Steering Block Turntable device with USB interface (I am in the process of building one)

The total cost of hardware would be approximately $40 or slightly more if you were to incorporate a bluetooth DA interface for all users other than PC

You could do it all in-house and make the interface a dongle type device where it only worked on your platform, surely such an inexpensive solution is better than having to use the phone method or an expensive wireless steerer plate?

I am sure that it would be possible in theory to enable this, however, I think it is extremely unlikely that Zwift will facilitate this. Also, EUR70 for a Sterzo Smart - which works brilliantly - is far from a hardship considering the other costs of getting properly setup on Zwift.

Fair point on the cost of Sterzo, here they are about $170 AU I was more thinking for the wired instead of wireless and keyboard shortcut would just mean more could use the function sooner. I am sure steerers will come down in price eventually.

There will no doubt be alternative (possibly cheaper) options in the future, however, Zwift entered into an exclusivity agreement with Elite to co-develop the steering functionality so Elite is entitled to benefit from such until the exclusivity expires (I understood that this was a 1-yr agreement) - so it would be inappropriate for Zwift to offer the functionality via alternative mechanisms (shortcut keys) until this exclusivity agreement expires (and no, I don’t know how the Wahoo bike steering, contractually, fits in with the aforementioned exclusivity considerations).

Also, regarding the other functions, the below may be of interest: