Zwift staff abandon the forums?

Is it just me, or have Zwift virtually abandoned these forums over the past few weeks?

We used to get some input from Zwift staff here and there, with sometimes confirmation that issues being reported here were being worked on.

But recently we seem to get nothing. I’m hoping that the silence is because something very big (and good) is just around the corner, but I fear that may not be the case.


who cares


lmao agreed

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it would probably be less painful if the support team didn’t constantly refer folks here to give feedback. a lot of the negative comments have been from people who contacted support and were sent here, which just sort of puts them in purgatory.

that negative experience is then magnified by the rest of the folks who have had the same experience, making a lot of the topics in this forum have a negative tone to them.

i read this forum because i want to know what’s going on with zwift and have learned a lot about it through the posts here – but lately it’s been getting so negative that i’m less and less interested in reading about it.


I’ve had to repeat my case multiple times before getting any response. And, even then, it’s a patronising tone along the lines of “have patience”, which seems to be the new “soon”.

Zwift remains a great tool, even after six years using it, but the organisational changes made this year have made dealing with ZHQ extremely frustrating.


Outsourcing support to the forum was obvious next step given they have mouthpieces doing their PR/Comms for free.


Support and development are usually completely separate groups, so a big product launch wouldn’t have a large effect.

I’m sure that they are equally tired of telling us that fixes are coming “soon” but get blamed when the fixes don’t appear - which they have no control over - and makes them less willing to participate in these discussions.

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Pretty obvious the answer is yes.

Treating their customer base with utter contempt.

Sadly it seems that you are right. For some time now we’ve had no official acknowledgment of bugs that have been raised here. Just the odd post about planned maintenance.

It seems that if you post in French you stand a better chance of some input from Zwift.

Android seems to be the platform with the most apparent ongoing support, which I suspect is because it would be the obvious choice for any self-contained smart bike.