Zwift + Smart LED Lighting

Is there anyone in here who tried to get smartlights to work on Zwift like @Jon Mayfileld did in this video with the Nano leaf lights?

Building a new mancave and would like to add this to the mix ! :slight_smile: or is there perhaps a simpler way of doing this?

I read a post the other day where @Chris_Hanger did some fairly funky stuff - very impressive.

Check out his posts in this thread and maybe hit Chris up for some tips (if it’s not obvious). Look from April onwards.

Greetings - we have our Masso introduced in a little metal PC box which viably implies we can’t see the ‘Prepared’ or ‘Mistake’ Leds on the unit.

Is there any way we can (by including some additional wire maybe?) adequately carry these prompted’s the front of our metal box?

much obliged,

Yes, I did. I got the smartlight to work on Zwift using LED light I got from [Dynamo LED display]. It is really a perfect one for it and I’m currently enjoy it. You can try it out too. I’m sure you will love it.