Integration with Philips Hue entertainment lighting

It would be great if there was integration with Philips Hue entertainment lighting, for a more immersive experience. Having the dominant colour in the Zwift environment where the rider is at the time synchronized with the room lighting.

I believe something like this was done as a bit of a skunkworks / playtime type project, with different lights, not Philips Hue. But the Hue lights are very popular and easy to set up, especially with their entertainment features.

I would have to do some searching, but I believe John Mayfield did this for his setup and there was a video showing it in actions.

Yeah, I saw that it was awesome. But believe he used private APIs. So thought some formal support with a feature request would be great.
I’ve got some Hue lightstrips I’d love to put behind the monitor and get working like John Mayfield’s demo. I think he used a Nanoleaf panel though.

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You can already do that with the official Hue Sync App for Windows/Mac, works perfectly with every “game”, no need for a special zwift integration. The App analyses the screen colors and changes the lights. I have been using it for the last 2 or 3 months, and was really surprised how well it works, no noticeable lag and you can configure many things (which lights to use, brightness, location of the lights, etc)

yep, I have used that with other things, in other places. But for Zwift I use Apple TV, so need a direct from Zwift integration, as there is no Hue Sync App that’ll work on Apple TV, and the same issue if you run Zwift from iPhone or iPad etc.

Yes, Hue sync does a good job, (I use it with zwift), but a dedicated Zwift-Hue API would take it further.

Like the Interval flashing in the Nanoleaf demo !

I can’t wait to see it happen!


It would be really great- if this could be integrated further. E.g it would be great to remove the text boxes in game from the left and the rights side and instead place this optionally into the assistant device - to get the colouring sync even better.

@Panumbris Vote for this if you havent already

Zwift have a semi-regular hudless race which would be worth looking at too - checkout Eric’s “How the Race was Won” article if you havent already seen it.

EDIT: You can also use Zwifthacks Zwift-preferences to tidyup the screen (I havent used it but others here have)

Super great @Dean - thanks for bringing this up - voted and already trying the Hacking version out. Awesome :+1::pray:

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