Integration with Philips Hue entertainment lighting

(Guy Badman) #1

It would be great if there was integration with Philips Hue entertainment lighting, for a more immersive experience. Having the dominant colour in the Zwift environment where the rider is at the time synchronized with the room lighting.

I believe something like this was done as a bit of a skunkworks / playtime type project, with different lights, not Philips Hue. But the Hue lights are very popular and easy to set up, especially with their entertainment features.

(Paul Allen (Watopia Wayfinder)) #2

I would have to do some searching, but I believe John Mayfield did this for his setup and there was a video showing it in actions.

(Guy Badman) #3

Yeah, I saw that it was awesome. But believe he used private APIs. So thought some formal support with a feature request would be great.
I’ve got some Hue lightstrips I’d love to put behind the monitor and get working like John Mayfield’s demo. I think he used a Nanoleaf panel though.

(G reenfritos(SVCG)) #4

Check out Shane Miller’s Youtube channel, he tried this as well and it looked pretty cool. It didn’t seem too involved of a set up in his video.

(Jan Becher) #5

You can already do that with the official Hue Sync App for Windows/Mac, works perfectly with every “game”, no need for a special zwift integration. The App analyses the screen colors and changes the lights. I have been using it for the last 2 or 3 months, and was really surprised how well it works, no noticeable lag and you can configure many things (which lights to use, brightness, location of the lights, etc)

(Guy Badman) #6

yep, I have used that with other things, in other places. But for Zwift I use Apple TV, so need a direct from Zwift integration, as there is no Hue Sync App that’ll work on Apple TV, and the same issue if you run Zwift from iPhone or iPad etc.

(François) #7

Yes, Hue sync does a good job, (I use it with zwift), but a dedicated Zwift-Hue API would take it further.

Like the Interval flashing in the Nanoleaf demo !

I can’t wait to see it happen!