Ultimate group Zwift set-up...?

It’s still at a hypothetical stage atm, but my partner and I are giving some thought to purchasing a property overseas, somewhere warm. I would like to rent the property out and some of the places we are looking at would lend themselves to being a great base for a small cycling club or group of cyclists looking to get some warm training miles in.

As part of this, for one of the properties, I’d quite like to turn one of the rooms into a training room and I’m curious as to how I might create the ultimate Zwift environment for up to 4 - 6 bikes. I’m also keen to understand the pitfalls if I try and set-up more than 1 bike in the same room.

So, my question is really: if you could design the ultimate training pain-cave, what would it look like? And secondly, are there any gotchas I need to be aware of if I try to put more than one turbo / screen in the same room?

Finally, are there any APIs that one can connect to Zwift to enhance the experience? In my head, I’m thinking it would be cool to have Philips Hue light strips in the room that change colour to reflect the power wattage, but I don’t think that’s a possibility…

Smart bikes are the most size-adjustable for different people. Also usually quieter than a roomful of bikes on trainers.

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it should be possible, rgbic led strips are programmable and there are people who do that sort of thing as a hobby

Using something like Wahoo Direct Connect over Ethernet would probably reduce the complexity of having so many ant+ / bluetooth connections within the same space.

To be honest, that setup sounds like a bit of a nightmare to keep everything paired properly. I think you’d want to label everything very clearly!

A slightly different view but if you’re thinking of a property somewhere warm that’s going to attract bunches of cyclists…

The last thing they’ll want to do is be indoors.

And then you’ve the issue of what is things don’t work? You’ll be reliant on somebody that can go and sort it out. You can get housekeepers that do cleaning and laundry etc but somebody who can maintain a cycling cave?

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I agree

people who like cycling don’t go on holiday to warm place to cycle on Zwift indoors.

and if they did it would likely only be for warm up/warm down and so no need for any fancy equipment for that.

Thank you for your feedback. In the first instance though, I would be staying there and I would be wanting to Zwift, so I’m not too worried about whether there is demand from cyclists yet.

I’m more thinking: given a blank canvas, if I wanted to design the ultimate home workout space / gym, starting with a turbo trainer and screen, what would it look like?

I would have thought that the rocker place, Kickr climb (or whatever it’s called), massive OLED screen, multiple fans, led lights, surround sound etc…that’s more where I was going with this.

I agree that in a nice location others might not want to be indoors, but I’m also thinking of times when it might not be so nice outside, or where someone might want to augment their outdoors riding with a dedicated turbo session indoors.

Kickr bike on a rocker is a must imo.

Might be easier ways now but worth a watch https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aP0zpp9cl_8

Start here for ideas: Pain-cave photos/equipment ideas