Zwift slows to a crawl after Logging In - Windows 11

After I hit ‘Let’s Go’ on the Launcher, the blue loading screens happen with the messages, then there’s the white box with ‘Logging In’ and the little rider rides out of the box . . . and then it absolutely TANKS in performance. I can’t even get it to the ‘connect devices’ part.

Before you ask - No, it’s not a PC issue, as this has run fine for 18 months on the same hardware, including the day this issue began. This is a 1-yr old gaming PC with an i7, 32 gb of ram and an RTX 3070 Ti. I play plenty of other brand new games on ultra settings with no issues.

The game was running FINE last night and has been running fine for YEARS. I quit the app and forgot I needed to do something and tried to restart it (no driver updates, Windows updates or any other kind of changes happened with the PC in between app launches), and it all of a sudden started doing this.

I’ve uninstalled the app, as well as cleared all the local files and temp files and then did a fresh, clean install. Same behavior. I’m at a loss as to what to try next to fix.

Do you have an ANT+ dongle? I have experienced something similar at different places in the game maybe once every month or two for ages on two different machines and with two different ANT+ sticks, and whatever it is, it goes away right away if I unplug and put back the dongle (a simple reboot on the other hand doesn’t help). Nowadays I just use BLE instead.

This is a known issue that’s being looked at.

Potentially related to the new streaks pop up in the new release. Early reports are it’s having an effect on CPU usage.

I’d also turn off video screenshots just to make sure it’s not that either.

Oh wow. You’re amazing. That was it. Thank you!