Windows 11 with intel i7-8550U

Zwift is freezing (Not Responding) when I open the App. This is consistent after a reinstall.
I get a lot of errors inside the Logs, maybe that has something to do with it. I was not able to pin down exactly what is going wrong though.
Maybe you can have a look and see it. I cut the logs because of text size limits. If you need more let me know.

My system is a xps 13 with win 11 and an intel i7-8550U, 16gb of ram. The game itself runs smoothly (I have it on lowest res but don’t mind.)

My only problem is that until I am in a game, race 5-10min can go by, mainly looking at a frozen screen.

Would be nice to get a fix soon.

[13:55:09] Log Time: 13:55:09 2022-03-21

[13:55:09] Game Version: 1.23.2(100610) 7685997c7d23e798e2eaf797d05ae9c0ac52f3ba

[13:55:09] Config:       Shipping

[13:55:09] Device:       PC

[13:55:09] Launcher Version : 1.1.2

[13:55:09] Loading WAD file 'assets/global.wad' with file.

[13:55:09] Loading WAD file 'assets/Environment/Ground/textures.wad' with file.

[13:55:09] Loading WAD file 'assets/UI/WhiteOrangeTheme/WhiteOrangeTheme.wad' with file.

[13:55:10] Loading WAD file 'assets/UI/minimap/minimap.wad' with file.

[13:55:10] Loading WAD file 'assets/UI/WhiteOrangeTheme/Scotty/Scotty.wad' with file.

[13:55:10] Loading WAD file 'assets/UI/layouts/layouts.wad' with file.

[13:55:10] Loading WAD file 'assets/Environment/GrassTextures/GrassTextures.wad' with file.

[13:55:10] ERROR: Sky::Load(): Default not found

[13:55:10] ERROR: Sky::Load(): Japan not found

[13:55:10] ERROR: Sky::Load(): France not found

[13:55:10] ERROR: Sky::Load(): France not found

[13:55:11] Successful audio init!

[13:55:11] Loaded audio banks

[13:55:11] Initializing graphics window of size 0 x 0

[13:55:11] Attached Monitors:

[13:55:11] preferred monitor found at: 0,0

[13:55:12] GFX_Initialize: GL_version = 4.3.0 - Build

[13:55:12]                 GL_vendor = Intel

[13:55:12]                 GL_render = Intel(R) UHD Graphics 620

[13:55:12] Checking Extensions

[13:55:12] [GFX]: Compatability profile

[13:55:12] [GFX]: GFX_Tier 0

[13:55:12] Screen reported DPI: 96 physical DPI: 165 Scale: 1.00

[13:55:12] Calculating Graphics Score

[13:55:12] GFX: Found a vendor/model match for HD GRAPHICS 6

[13:55:12] Initializing Render Targets

[13:55:12] Initializing Texture Systems

[13:55:13] Shader Loaded successfully.  data/shaders/Final/Blur.psh

[13:55:13] Calling initialize_zwift_network()

[13:55:13] NETCLIENT:[INFO] CNL 3.18.0

[13:55:13] NETCLIENT:[INFO] Machine Id: 1-1c94e8a4-5faf-4aed-8e9b-73c6f767476b

[13:55:13] Suceeded initializing graphics

[13:55:13] Shader Loaded successfully.  data/shaders/Final/GFXDRAW_NoTexture.psh

[13:55:13] Shader Loaded successfully.  data/shaders/Final/GFXDRAW_Textured.psh

[13:55:13] Shader Loaded successfully.  data/shaders/Final/GFXDRAW_Textured_Simple.psh

[13:55:13] Shader Loaded successfully.  data/shaders/Final/GFXDRAW_Textured_GammaCorrect.psh

[13:55:13] Loading WAD file 'assets/fonts/font.wad' with file.

[13:55:13] Shader Loaded successfully.  data/shaders/Final/GFXDRAW_FontW.psh

[13:55:14] Using basic graphics profile

[13:55:14] > res 1024x576(0x)

[13:55:14] Changed resolution to 1024 x 576  ( NO MSAA )

[13:55:14] > sres 512x512

[13:55:14] Changed shadow resolution to 512 x 512

[13:55:14] Syntax Error.  USAGE: set VARNAME=VALUE

[13:55:14] Type 'listvars' for list of tweakable variables

[13:55:14] Unknown command "aniso 4"

[13:55:14] > set gSSAO=0

[13:55:14] > set gFXAA=1

[13:55:14] > set gSunRays=0

[13:55:14] > set gHeadlight=0

[13:55:14] > set gFoliagePercent=0.5

[13:55:14] > set gSimpleReflections=1

[13:55:14] > set gLODBias=1

[13:55:14] > res 1024x576

[13:55:14] Changed resolution to 1024 x 576

[13:55:14] > sres 1024x1024

[13:55:14] Changed shadow resolution to 1024 x 1024

[13:55:14] OpenGL 4.3.0 - Build initialized

[13:55:14] Graphics Vendor: Intel

[13:55:14] Graphics Renderer: Intel(R) UHD Graphics 620

[13:55:14] RAM: 16GB

[13:55:14] CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-8550U CPU @ 1.80GHz

[13:55:14] ANT  : ANT USB receiver NOT found

[13:55:14] Downloader: "MapSchedule_v2.xml" downloaded successfully (manifest checksum not provided, i.e. -1).

[13:55:14] Downloader::Update m_filesCompleted.push_back path=C:/Users/jonas/Documents/Zwift/MapSchedule_v2.xml success=1

[13:55:14] Game::GAME_onFinishedDownloadingMapSchedule filename=MapSchedule_v2.xml err=0 state: m_filesPending: <> m_filesCurrent: <> m_filesCompleted: <MapSchedule_v2.xml>

[13:55:14] Downloader::ForgetCompleted path=MapSchedule_v2.xml

[13:55:14] Loading WAD file 'assets/UI/Achievements/goals.wad' with file.

[13:55:14] Loading WAD file 'assets/UI/Achievements/achievements.wad' with file.

[13:55:15] Registered segment 1 with hash id 888000

[13:55:15] Registered segment 2 with hash id 888001

[13:55:15] Registered segment 3 with hash id 888002

[13:55:15] Registered segment 4 with hash id 888003

[13:55:15] Registered segment 5 with hash id 888004

[13:55:16] Shader Loaded successfully.  data/shaders/Final/GFXDRAW_Textured_ExtAlpha.psh

[13:55:16] Loading Shader GaussianBlur

[13:55:16] ERROR: Missing Vertex Shader asset data/shaders/Final/GaussianBlur.vsh

[13:55:16] Loading Shader GaussianBlur

[13:55:16] ERROR: Missing Vertex Shader asset data/shaders/Final/GaussianBlur.vsh

[13:55:16] [GFX]: ERROR: GFX_CreateShaderFromFile(GaussianBlur[0][0]) failed!

[13:55:16] Shader Loaded successfully.  data/shaders/Final/Simpleshader.psh

[13:55:16] Shader Loaded successfully.  data/shaders/Final/gde_nolighting.psh

[13:55:16] Shader Loaded successfully.  data/shaders/Final/shadowmap.psh

[13:55:16] Shader Loaded successfully.  data/shaders/Final/shadowmap_instanced.psh

[13:55:16] Shader Loaded successfully.  data/shaders/Final/shadowmapHair.psh

[13:55:17] Shader Loaded successfully.  data/shaders/Final/Glossy_shadowmapped.psh

[13:55:17] Shader Loaded successfully.  data/shaders/Final/Road.psh

[13:55:17] Shader Loaded successfully.  data/shaders/Final/RoadAccessory.psh

[13:55:17] Shader Loaded successfully.  data/shaders/Final/RoadWet.psh

[13:55:17] Shader Loaded successfully.  data/shaders/Final/HeatHaze.psh

[13:55:17] Shader Loaded successfully.  data/shaders/Final/CausticPass.psh

[13:55:18] Shader Loaded successfully.  data/shaders/Final/crepuscular.psh

[13:55:18] Shader Loaded successfully.  data/shaders/Final/beam.psh

[13:55:18] Shader Loaded successfully.  data/shaders/Final/beam_inside.psh

[13:55:19] Shader Loaded successfully.  data/shaders/Final/defaultWorld.psh

[13:55:19] Shader Loaded successfully.  data/shaders/Final/defaultWorldAO.psh

[13:55:19] Shader Loaded successfully.  data/shaders/Final/defaultWorldBillboard.psh

[13:55:19] Shader Loaded successfully.  data/shaders/Final/defaultworldphong.psh

[13:55:19] Shader Loaded successfully.  data/shaders/Final/defaultWorldSimple.psh

[13:55:19] Shader Loaded successfully.  data/shaders/Final/Hologram.psh

[13:55:19] Shader Loaded successfully.  data/shaders/Final/RainbowHologram.psh

[13:55:19] Shader Loaded successfully.  data/shaders/Final/Glossy_locked.psh

[13:55:20] Shader Loaded successfully.  data/shaders/Final/londonTerrainShader.psh

[13:55:20] Shader Loaded successfully.  data/shaders/Final/londonTerrainShader_HeightMap.psh

[13:55:20] Shader Loaded successfully.  data/shaders/Final/franceTerrainShader.psh

Hi @Jonas_Manser

Welcome to the Zwift Forums!

The Intel® Core™ i7-8550U Processor is an 8th generation CPU, so it wouldn’t be impacted by the known issue causing Zwift to freeze and/or crash on 10th gen Intel CPUs using integrated graphics cards.

That being said, I’d suggest that you contact our tech support team and provide us with your full computer specs, your standard log.txt files, and your Windows Event Viewer (e.g. EVTX) crash logs. Our techs will be happy to take a look and let you know what we find.

You can contact us here.

Hi @Steven_D
just emailed them and lets see what they can do. Yeah, I read that zwift had some issues with intel 10th and 11th gen and I was about to comment in that thread, but as it is 8th gen I decided to open a new thread, also because my logs are different.

Hi @Jonas_Manser

Sounds great! We’ll get you an email response shortly. Thanks!