Zwift Segments in Golden Cheetah Analysis Software - Your Experience?

Golden Cheetah (GC) users can create offline personal segments to track your performance history on part of a ride.

Are there Zwifters who can tell us their experience with this GC feature?

Here’s an instructional video:

Yes I do use that.

It works ok. Sometimes it has issues with segments that are loops.

I thought you’d pointed me first to that GC ability.

Have you created shorter segments in GC for sprints, etc.? I’m wondering how troublesome it might be to identify start and end points. I’d like to have the last 1K to the finish line on the original Watopia loop, for instance.


It is relatively easy to create.

GC is working on segments. But what I learned is that Strava “cheat” a bit with the segments.

I have crated a few and in the beginning I wanted them 100% like Strava. But I found that it don’t have to match as log as it is always the same.