Monthly Schedule & Stats downloads

(Yves Bouchard ('59)*Tecnica Group*) #1

1- From time to time we do receive emails from either Zwift or the Community. I    would like to suggest that the Monthly Schedule be transmitted to us via mass email, on a monthly basis. This would allow to know where we train without having to go and dig thru the community posts.

2- I find difficult to compare my various rides. Specially the fact that I lose my records older than 30 days. I would like to get them all at once, be able to sort them etc… I am thinking that being able to download all my rides stats into a spreadsheet would be a great feature. Maybe it already exists but I haven’t  found it in the Q&A section.



(Paul Allen) #2

You can download your rides and upload them to a 3rd party site for comparison (Strave, TrainingPeaks, Garmin Connect and Golden Cheetah).

Strava will also have you segment times on there for review longer then 30 days.

(Gerrie Delport) #3

Yves -

1- Just save this link to your favorites for the schedule

2- Just link Strava to your account and all you rides will be upload after you have done your rides. 

(Yves Bouchard ('59)*Tecnica Group*) #4

Thank you Paul & Gerrie,

Indeed I have been (and still is) a Strava member before being a Zwifter. However, it is the basic free Strava membership and it is even worst to try sorting out the rides. 

In fact, today I have downloaded Golden Cheetah and did some testing into an Excel spreadsheet. I am confident that GC will do the trick for me.

Gerrie, I have followed your advice and pinned the URL to my Task Bar for quicker and easier access to the calendar.

Your inputs were greatly appreciated.

(Gerrie Delport) #5

You are welcome.


I upload all my rides to Strava (free) with Stravistix for Chrome and Golden Cheetah and Sporttracks and Garmin connect. LOL

One can’t have to much data.

(Paul Allen) #6

All mine get uploaded to Strava (Premium), TrainingPeaks (free), Garmin Connect, and MapMyFitness and they also fine their way over to Nike+.

I really only care about Strava since it has all the data I need, mostly Fitness and Freshness so I don’t over train.