Ride comparisons

(Stuart Murray) #1

On the Paused page, we are given wattage  stats for the current ride and our best ride. Is it possible to see this information for all rides? As I’m a fairly new cyclist I would love to be able to easily see my progression.

Also, are there any plans to allow customisation of the stats that appear whilst in-game? A HUD that can be customised like a Garmin page would be awesome,

Anyway, loving Zwift so far. Thanks!

(Paul Allen) #2

Just use Strava to compare your rides.

(Stuart Murray) #3


(Paul Allen) #4

Zwift does not have the ability for you to compare rides and I doubt it ever will. If you don’t want to use Strave try TrainingPeaks or Golden Cheetah or another site. 

(Stuart Murray) #5

I don’t want a full comparison of every stat, but it would be nice to have some more history on the watts per 5 seconds / 1 minute / 5 minutes and 20 minutes that show upon completion of a ride.