Segments/Intervals in .fit file


could you add segments into .fit file? I’m using Golden Cheetah as analytics tool for my workouts and now I’ve started to import data from Zwift.

This is not crucial but it would be nice to have whole ride splitted on smaller parts. I don’t know about other people needs but for me it would be good to have at least information about each lap. As additional you can add segments for each jersey (green, polka dot and so on).

Thanks for considering this.

Having the ability to choose that for a ride that laps are put in for the various sprints could be quite useful when doing sprints within Zwift.

I wouldn’t want this for all my rides but if you could toggle it on or off that would be great.

I’ve been reviewing the LapMesg that has recently been added ot the FIT files.

In regards to the Workout Mode, I think the data that has been added to each of the LapMesg sections is very good.

Today I have reviewed the FIT file from a regular ride.  I completed two full laps and a bit before the first lap and a bit after the second lap. I would therefore expect to see 4 LapMesg sections in the FIT file.

Having one lap which contains the full ride but is missing some data (such as total calories and total ascent) server no value.

Please can you include a lap for each full lap, and populate total calories, total ascent, end pos lat, end pos long, start pos lat and end pos long.

Apart from anything else, if this information was provided proper laps could be created in Strava using the proper long/lat co-ordinates.