Integrated FTP & LTHR Testing - Display Riders of Similar Ability



I’ve been following a really interesting conversation thread on Facebook where people in the community are looking at the possibility of developing teams and races with riders of similar abilities.

The challenge is helping people understand there baseline abilities and it could be useful to have the ability to test your FTP & LTHR inside of Zwift. Once you complete this test Zwift could analyse your results and show other riders on Zwift of a similar ability you could start to work with and ride with. That could help inform the idea of teams of riders of similar abilities.

I also think this would be great.  However, in the mean time, I simply import the .fit file into Golden Cheetah and it gives me all of that data as well.  (As does Strava premium to a slightly lesser extent).  GC is free and well worth it.  

And it is very easy to integrate GC with Zwift. You only have to put path to the folder with Zwift rides (it is located in your user account folder on windows). And choose to auto import rides on each GC run.

Not to mention that such analysis gives you additional motivation to push harder and track your progress.

Agreed, give both numbers after the FTP test. FTP and LTHR. Great idea!