Zwift says 1 w/kg whether pedaling or not

After installing the 25 January 2023 update on Windows 10 and starting a ride, Zwift said my watts were exactly 1 w/kg whether I was pedaling or not. Unpairing and re-pairing my KICKR did not solve the problem. I was able to fix the problem by unpairing the KICKR, unplugging it from power, waiting a minute, plugging it in again, and re-pairing it with Zwift. I did not restart the PC after performing the update. This did not happen in any previous Zwift update, and the KICKR has never had this behavior before. It kind of seems like it might be a problem with the KICKR, but if so, it’s a big coincidence that it happened for the first time immediately after installing the Zwift update.

Could be related to the various erg mode and trainer difficulty issues.