Zwift RunPod Bluetooth?


I have a question about connecting a Zwift RunPod to my computer.

As far as I understand, the RunPod uses Bluetooth for pairing?

I bought a Tacx Neo about two years ago and wanted to pair it to my computer via Bluetooth. Unfortunately, it didn’t work, even though my computer has Bluetooth. After some research, I found out that you need ANT+, which is why I had to buy an additional dongle, which was no problem. After that I was able to connect my Tacx Neo with my computer - but not via Bluetooth, but via Ant+.

Now I do not understand why the RunPod should be recognized by my computer (with Windows 10) via Bluetooth, although the Tacx Neo was not recognized?

Background is: I want to buy a treadmill especially for Zwift, and before I throw the money down the drain, I’d rather ask.

Thanks in advance for your answers!

Many greetings

One possibility is your neo is faulty and not transmitting via BT. Easiest way to check is to use the Tacx utility app. If that sees it then it’s not a Bluetooth issue with the trainer but more with the computer.

It’s normally the Run Pod that refuses to connect rather than the trainer.

For me there are much better options for reporting speed on a treadmill than a run pod. They have a history of connection issues, refuse to wake up, constantly need calibrating and batteries die without reason.

Apart from that they’re ok.


thank you for the quick reply!

I do not believe that my Tacx is defective, because it pairs easily with my AppleTV via Bluetooth.
That the RunPod is not perfect, I have also already read, but for my purposes it should actually be enough … I thought.

Before I get the treadmill, I wanted to “make sure” with my question that the RunPod runs via Bluetooth, while a smarttrainer such as the Tacx Neo needs Ant+(?).

You mentioned other options than the RunPod. Can you maybe give me a tip or two? Shouldn’t be that expensive because I just want to try Zwift Run for now.

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Hey all,

I think I found an alternativ Stuart worte about - the North Pole Engineering Runn Sensor.

Looks good and the price is reasonable. And it works with Ant+ and Bluetooth, so I don’t have to worry about anything.

I’m happy :smiley: .

Than you very much Stuart :clap: .

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The Runn is a good purchase.

It too has it’s issues. Firstly it can be a little bit of a pain to get setup. It’s all in the stickers placement.

Once working its fairly reliable, has the odd tendency to go into a deep sleep but it you restart it this normally sorts it.

I moved away from mine as the reported speed was constantly fluctuating and I found it distracting. I’ve setup a few for others and whilst it happens universally it’s quite minimal on certain treadmills. My treadmill is by far the worst for it.

Look at my posts about the Qz Domyos app. Costs next to nothing and can potentially turn your treadmill into a full smart one.