Zwift running...YES!

I realize that the run feature is still in the developmental stage, but it’s looking great!  This is going to be a great tool for runners and triathletes.  Apart from the fact that you can rock a helmet whilst running intervals on Watopia, it really makes treadmill running a lot more pleasant - just has zwifting has done for trainer workouts.

I’m hoping that the run features can be similar to bike, like;

Run testing - Please!

Zwift and customizable run workouts (the visual prompts and data on screen is great compared to frequently messing with and looking at watch, during interval workouts)

Brick workout capability - It would be great to transition straight from bike to run, and have the workout saved as one (as a brick) and have sensors transfer from bike to footpod. If there was the ability to customize run workouts, doing the same with bricks, would be very cool. 

Points/rewards - today I was getting points, but they were not being added to progress bar and my run miles got added to bike data.

The terrain/pace adjustments

Does anyone know what the plan is for the run application? Thanks for the continuing improvements!


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