Zwift Companion App Workouts Feature Request

Hey, folks!

I’m a software developer using Zwift to not be sedentary working from home and also to start running (on purpose) for the first time since high school. I’m about two months into running and have tried a lot of different apps for workouts. I own a Garmin Fenix5x, which is great for tracking workouts on the bike and outdoor runs. I own a Stryd (with wind), because data and improvement, wherever I can find it, is what motivates me in fitness.

For running, I do 90% of my running currently on the treadmill. I’ve used and tried a lot of apps trying to find something great for beginners, but also that are advanced enough to track all of the data that I need (want). I want to be able to do structured workouts that tell me exactly how fast to set the treadmill and give me feedback on if I’m too fast or too slow, track everything, all while being motivating. Zwift running’s companion app with the gauge and range for speed is by far the best app I’ve found for this. It shows me what’s coming next, exactly where to set my speed, and a range to adjust in real time if I feel like I can go faster or slower. C25K, Zombies Run, Nike Run Club, Runkeeper, Stryd’s App, my Fenix - nothing has come close to a running workout on a treadmill with the companion app as the heads up display. Honestly, I sometimes just don’t even look at my laptop connected within ant+ distance. The app is what really lets me visualize and properly execute workouts consistently exactly how they are planned.

So, here’s my feedback: I want the companion app to be able to execute the workouts on a treadmill independent of Zwift itself. Make my little guy run in Watopia without me being able to see them if that’s easier to implement on the backend, but I would love to be able to take my iPhone to a hotel’s gym and just set it up and execute the workout on the companion app screen. Zwift running is great when running with other people just for fun, but there is nothing that comes close to the visual experience of the companion app for workouts on a treadmill. I would beta test and pay $5 more/mo for the training plan experience to be able to have that companion app screen independent of zwift the game for running (or cycling!!!).