Zwift running - is it dead?

I know its free at the moment, still I can not fathom why there is not an workout editor available. A workout editor which allows programming workouts based on time.

The feature is already implemented for Zwifts default workouts.

If that is to much to ask, please enable import via training plattforms such as TrainingPeaks or just as a zwo file.

Why is it important? I need structure for my workouts or I burn myself out by always going hard. For now I have to re-edit my time based workouts to distance, matching the timed intervals to meters. And Zwift only allows intervals as a multiple of 200 m. So no fun at all.

I have done it now for a 9 weeks cycle, I’m not gonna bother doing it again.

I would gladly pay full price if I could create or import my time based workouts. I don’t need anything else. And I don’t think I am alone in that.

I would love to have my workout instructions on a big screen. But you make it so hard, it’s mind boggling.

It’s such a basic feature, every coach programs time based. It’s there for bikes on your own platform. I just don’t understand. It is as if you don’t want to succeed.

I would be great if some official could comment if this will happen in the near future.

Don‘t take it as mean spirited, I’d just like to know if it’s worth to stay. If it’s not gonna happen, it’s not gonna happen. Then I’ll find another solution which allows me to use my time based workouts out of the box.

Judging by zwifts dev history, you will be in for a long wait, with no information and big dose of dissapointment at the end. Enjoy.


I think there was a post recently where somebody has created a workout editor that you could upload.

Sadly that one is based on distance, as time based is not supported by Zwift for running.

Have you searched the forums. Just found out that tells you how to do it via training peaks

You can only import distance based workouts via TP.