Zwift random freezes in Windows

So at random times, I have had Zwift freezes on the laptop dedicated to Zwift. It just stops dead & you have to X out. You start it up again & it goes fine. There does not seem to be a pattern as I had it happen a few times in consecutive weeks & then running fine for another couple of weeks. It can happen only a couple of minutes in too happening almost an hour in.
I have tried uninstalling & reinstalling the program, not running on wifi & using a LAN connection instead, making sure no other programs are running & pausing Windows updates.
I even got the store to replace my new JetBlack trainer as I thought that was causing the problem initially.
I know its not the trainer because I now run my Garmin Edge as well to at least have a record of the session in case it drops out & it continues to show output readings.

Yesterday was a good example. I was the only one home, so nothing could be hogging the net, not that it matters with the connection speed I have, & 18 min into my ride getting to the beginning of the jungle circuit it freezes. I dump the program, start it up again & go on to complete a different circuit in 35min without any issues. This is so frustrating & I have previously given up doing a training program because when Zwift freezes & you reset it, you have to restart the exercise you were on. After this happening a couple of times I just gave up on the whole training program.

Have just learnt about the logs Zwift keeps & have uploaded yesterdays one in Zwiftalizer but you cant past links here.

The only thing I can see it showing a problem with is UDP Network Disconnects.

I am really getting frustrated with this. Its so random.

Hi @_ZXDan

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I would suggest looking at your windows crash logs.