Zwift Race Results/Zwift Companion

This has probably been answered previously but I can’t find it.
I always thought that results appeared after every group ride and race. But that doesn’t appear to be the case.

Example: On Zwift companion I have race results for Zwift Fondo Series (1/2/21), but not TDZ Stage 3 Standard Ride (1/15/21).


I know I could see a filtered result list at the Zwift Power files site, but I prefer the complete list on the companion app.

What makes some results appear and others not?

Do you mean the activity doesnt appear at all, or that you dont have a list of riders shown in finishing order?

I did the Kinetic Group ride 1/14/21 at 17:30 cst and no indication of an activity appears. My TDZ activities do appear.
I care more about races so it doesn’t bother me much.

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I was looking for the unfiltered list of riders in finishing order. It just seems that some activities have this and some don’t. I’m not sure what the criteria is. Or perhaps it’s just me???

I have the same as you. I’m assuming that Zwift is configuring the TDZ rides this was for some reason, possibly related to size of field that needs to be displayed. It is a bit of a faff to look on ZP but at least Zwift configured ZP to have the finishing order results listed - normally for group rides they are randomised.