No result on APP....?

Hello! Recently I have noticed following group rides the usual immediate provisional results shown on screen at the conclusion with a promise for final standing to be shown on the app. These are not “races” but group “rides” and it has always been of benefit (and fun) to see how one stacks up against fellow Zwifters especially in coming back from a medically induced time off the bike.
As a recent example the “Tour for All” when I completed most recent stage immediately the results for the stage was shown on the screen with a note I paraphrase “…90 still on the course final results please see your App in due course” . When checking the app many hours later there is nothing , no listing … nothing!! Is is something exclusive to me or is a system problem?
Thanks in advance.

Group rides normally don’t have results. Because when they do everyone treats them as races. Some used to and maybe some still do but in general group rides aren’t meant to have results. It may be up to the organiser to turn the option on or off.

Historically the yearly Tour de Zwift showed results for non race rides Surprised current Tour series would not show results also!

Since the introduction of racing each stage, the group rides stopped having results. If you want results, simply join one of the races (in the correct category!), and pay attention to the descriptions because it is confusing.

Also, Zwiftpower will give results on all the tour group rides and races.